More and more travellers are discovering that the world of touring has evolved! Not only is there a bigger and wider range of independent and escorted tour itineraries to choose from but there are now a whole host of specialty tours available.

These range from family tours, adventure tours (i.e., diving expeditions, safaris, trekking, multi-sport trips etc), river cruises, exclusive luxury tours, cultural experiences and cooking & language vacations.

Family Tours - Share the discovery or a destination or activity together. Foster a bond between generations of family members.

Adventure Tours - Participate actively and challenge yourself physically or mentally. Explore the outdoors or new cultural frontiers.

Escorted Tours - Enjoy the expertise and security of a local tour director. Travel with others in a shared group experience.

River Cruise - See several interior ports-of-call and unpack only once. Travel at a leisurely-pace while exploring Old World cities.

Independent Tours - Choose what to do each day. Explore on your own with "insider tips" from local hosts.

Custom Tours - Provides custom, personalized itineraries that aren't offered anywhere else. Offers luxury and VIP service from beginning to end.

Exclusive 18 to 35 Tours - Travel with like-minded travellers in the 18-35 age group. Spend multiple nights in each destination for more exploration and discovery.

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